Fidel’s Hash Hole: Revolutionizing the Pre-Roll Game

Fidel’s Hash Hole: Revolutionizing the Pre-Roll Game

Welcome to Fidel’s Hash Hole, your ultimate destination for premium cannabis products. With a focus on award-winning indica, sativa, and hybrid marijuana strains, Fidel’s Hash Hole has earned a reputation for delivering top-quality cannabis seeds and pre-rolls. This article will explore Fidels menu, including their unique hash holes, premium cannabis seeds, and the story behind the brand’s success.

Epic Indica Cannabis Strains and More

Fidel’s Hash Hole offers a diverse selection of cannabis strains to cater to all preferences. Whether you’re seeking a relaxing indica, an energizing sativa, or a balanced hybrid, Fidel’s has something for everyone.

Indica Strains

Fidel’s Hash Hole is renowned for its epic indica cannabis strains. These strains are perfect for those looking to unwind and relax. Popular options include:

  • Runtz Mint: Known for its sweet, minty flavor and calming effects.
  • Peach Pound Cake: A delightful strain with a fruity aroma and a soothing high.
  • Gemelo: Offers a balanced high with a blend of relaxation and euphoria.

Sativa Strains

For those seeking an uplifting and energizing experience, Fidel’s sativa strains are a great choice. These strains are ideal for daytime use and can enhance creativity and focus.

Hybrid Strains

Fidel’s hybrid marijuana strains offer the best of both worlds. These balanced strains combine the effects of indica and sativa, providing a versatile option for any occasion.

Premium Cannabis Seeds for Sale

Fidel’s Hash Hole also offers an impressive range of cannabis seeds. Their fresh seeds guarantee ensures that you receive only the highest quality seeds, ready to cultivate exceptional cannabis plants.

Fresh Seeds Guaranteed

Fidel’s Hash Hole takes pride in its fresh seeds guarantee policy. All seeds are stored in a commercial fridge and dated to ensure they remain fresh and viable. This commitment to quality sets Fidel’s apart from other cannabis seed suppliers.

Worldwide Delivery

No matter where you are, Fidel’s Hash Hole can deliver your order discreetly and efficiently. Their worldwide delivery service ensures that customers around the globe can access their premium products.

Rare Genetics

Fidel’s Hash Hole stocks rare genetics, including Afghan Landraces strains and unique crosses from Hawaii. These exclusive genetics offer cannabis enthusiasts the opportunity to grow and experience some of the most coveted strains available.

The Unique Appeal of Fidel’s Hash Holes

One of the standout products from Fidel’s Hash Hole is their unique pre-rolls known as hash holes. These rosin-infused joints offer a smoking experience like no other.

What is a Hash Hole?

A hash hole is a pre-roll that contains both cannabis flower and rosin hash. When smoked, the rosin creates a smoldering hole in the center of the joint, allowing for concentrated hits of cannabis oil. This innovative design has captivated smokers with its potent effects and unique smoking experience.

Sizes and Varieties

Fidel’s Hash Holes are available in two sizes:

  • Original Hash Holes: Contain 2.5 grams of flower and 1 gram of rosin hash.
  • Mini Hash Holes: Contain 1.5 grams of flower and 0.5 grams of rosin hash.

These pre-rolls come in various forms, including LA Family Farms Hash Hole, Hash Hole Blunt, and Fidels Hash Hole Pre-Roll.

Collaborations and Innovations

Fidel’s Hash Hole has collaborated with notable brands like DNA Genetics to create unique products. The DNA Genetics X Fidels Hash Holes is a prime example of such partnerships. Other popular options include Fidels x Cookies Mini Hash Holes and Fidels – Garlic Grapes x Wedding Cake Mini Hash Hole Pre-Roll.

The Story Behind Fidel’s Hash Hole

The success of Fidel’s Hash Hole can be attributed to its founder, Fidel Hydro, also known as Shant Damirdjian. His journey into the cannabis industry is a testament to his dedication and passion for the plant.

Early Beginnings

Born in Pasadena, Damirdjian split his time between Lebanon and California. He began his cannabis journey at the age of 18, working in his brother Serge’s hydraulic workshop. Serge, who owned a cannabis brand and co-founded the Cookies Maywood dispensary, provided valuable guidance to Damirdjian.

Building a Brand

Damirdjian spent nine years working at a grow shop, where he deepened his knowledge of cannabis cultivation and built a network of contacts. This experience laid the foundation for his consultancy business, offering expertise to various cannabis enterprises.

The Birth of Fidel’s Hash Holes

The concept of hash holes was inspired during a visit to the Spannabis cannabis fair in Barcelona in 2018. Damirdjian decided to combine premium six-star hash with California flowers to create a unique joint. Hand-rolling up to 100 hash holes a day, he introduced them to the mainstream cannabis market, sparking a revolution in the infused pre-roll category.

Achievements and Future Plans

Fidel’s Hash Holes have gained significant popularity, with products available in over 100 dispensaries across California. Notable achievements include winning the first flower trophy at the Transbay Challenge and exciting collaborations with brands like Anwar Carrots.


Fidel’s Hash Hole stands out in the cannabis industry with its innovative products, premium genetics, and commitment to quality. Whether you’re looking for top-tier cannabis seeds or a unique smoking experience with hash holes, Fidel’s Hash Hole has something to offer. With a focus on mutual trust and customer satisfaction, Fidel’s Hash Hole continues to set the standard for excellence in the cannabis market.